INAR ASOCIADOS S.A. is a private engineering company, with presence and project execution in different regions across the country and a wide experience in engineering services in studies, designs, advisories, supervision and management of infrastructure and social development projects.

Our main commitment is the complete satisfaction of our client’s needs and expectations, working along highly qualified professionals as a team, offering our services in a secure and reliable way, taking care of the environment and helping on the socioeconomic development of Colombia.


By the year 2025, INAR ASOCIADOS S.A. will be an engineering sector company recognized by the quality of its services and reliable work.

INAR ASOCIADOS S.A promotes effective operative and commercial  management,  pursuing international presence through strategic alliances, that will take the company to continuously improve its performance.

Corporate Values

Commitment: INAR ASOCIADOS S.A. optimizes the quality of its offered services, to satisfy the needs of our clients, while we also make our activities cost-effective allowing our company to be self-sufficient.

Responsibility: We develop a secure and reliable operation in our daily engineering work, keeping a special emphasis in the fullfilment of the Occupational Health Programs and the Regulation of Industrial Security.

Compliance: We assure the complete compliance of the contractual obligations of our clients, providers, advisors and employees of INAR ASOCIADOS S.A. We provide career oportunities and adequate remuneration to our employees to contribute to their personal health and family progress. We do business within the context of our environment protection policy to preserve the ecological balance.


The organizational structure of INAR ASOCIADOS S.A. is controlled by the Board of Directors, which is the highest authority of the company, represented in the Corporation Managers who guide and lead the organization to fulfill its own objectives and those of the clients in each of the contracts under execution.

INAR ASOCIADOS S.A. operates by contracts related to Consulting Engineering and related activities, which are carried out with Government and Private Companies.

Quality Policy

INAR ASOCIADOS S.A in the development of its consulting services in studies, designs, engineering project management, supervision of design and construction projects; is commited to:

  • The satisfaction of the client’s needs.
  • Achievement of the applicable requirements.
  • Optimal resources management.

Everyone who works for INAR ASOCIADOS S.A. contributes to maintain and continuously improve the Quality Management System.