INAR ASOCIADOS S.A offers consulting, supervision and project management services in some branches of engineering, being able to carry out the different stages of a projet such as: initial conception, planning, feasibility, studies and basic research, designs, evaluation, budgets, specifications, consulting and technical advisory; supervision of designs, civil construction, electromechanical works, structuring and bidding processes.


Water resources

Projects in the specialization of Water Resources are related to the infrastructure required for water supply, power generation, irrigation and drainage, civil works for river protection and flood control.

  • Dams, tunnels, spillways, pipelines, among others
  • Raw, potable and sewer water pumping stations
  • Rural irrigation programs
  • Land development
  • Water currents regulations
  • Hydrographic basin management
Water resources

Sanitary engineering

Sanitary engineering projects are aimed at water control in order to satisfy the population’s needs with the main objective of improving the life quality of the inhabitants. INAR ASOCIADOS S.A develops sanitary engineering projects related to water supply systems, sewerage, water treatment for human consumption and sewerage water treatment.

  • Potable water distribution systems
  • Stormwater, wastewater and combined water collection systems
  • Designs for sectorization, modelling, vulnerability evaluation and restoration of potable water and sewerage networks
  • Reduction of losses in water supply network programmes
  • Treatment of: potable water, waster water and industrial waster
  • Soil restoration and conservation, revegetation, reforestation
  • Maintenance and operation of PWTP and WWTP
  • Management and solid waste disposal
Sanitary engineering

Environmental and social services

In INAR ASOCIADOS S.A we take care of the environment, national wealth and resources and social communities by developing activities within our projects such as:

  • Environmental management plans
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Environmental evaluations, supervision and audits
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Archeological findings
  • Social management
Environmental and social services


Infrastructure projects include roads, vehicular bridges, pedestrian bridges, buildings and urban works. In projects in the specialization of water resources, INAR ASOCIADOS S.A. carries out consultancy for such infrastructure works.

  • Car, water adduction and other types of tunnels
  • Road and transport infrastructure
  • Urban development
  • Urban and rural infrastructure
  • Planning and design of buildings for institucional use projects
  • Electrical energy distribution and transmission systems
  • Urban design